Congratulations on passing your Learner written driving test!! As you begin this new process of logging your driving experiences there are some really important tips that can make life easier as you continue through your 100 hours, here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that we have seen in the thousands of logbooks Streetwise Driver Training have been involved with:


  • Start writing in your logbook as early as you can, every 5 minute drive should be recorded, even short drives with supervisors in the local car park count as driving experiences, they soon start to add up.
  • Try to round your drives up or down to the closest 5 minute bracket, this will make it easier for you and the Department of Transport to calculate at the end.
  • Variety is the key, try different drives to ensure you gather a well-rounded experience in your logbook, some ideas are; residential streets, country roads, Motorway, Hills and Mountains, beach drives, busy urban drives, night drives, school runs, to or from work, shopping centre car parks, wet weather driving.
  • Drive with other fully licensed drivers, friends, relatives, neighbours, everyone has insight and experience to offer you, it also allows you to gain more experience in other vehicles which helps you become a well-rounded driver.
  • If you forget to take your logbook on a drive with you, either write down the details of the start and end odometer on a scrap of paper OR photograph the odometer readings and transfer into your logbook as soon as possible, to ensure you don’t forget or lose the information.
  • Ensure every supervisor that you drive with has a current full drivers licence – it’s quiet upsetting when Learners think they have completed their books, handed them in and getting ready for the test to find that 20 odd hours has to be re-done because someone they drove with had lost their licence for a period!
  • From time to time photocopy your pages and store them safely and separately to the logbook, just in case you lose your book, you can re-write the pages!
  • Prior to sending your logbook away, make sure you photocopy all pages “just in case” the book goes missing in the post!
  • Add up each page as you go, it will avoid lengthy adding up errors towards the end, as by then you’ll be keen to hurry up and post it off!


  • Leave your night hour driving until the end, our experience is that they are the hardest to obtain, so start early, even short drives, it will make it less of an effort towards the end.
  • Leave your logbook at home in a drawer, get into the habit of taking it with you everywhere.
  • Lose it…. guard it with your life!! If you move house, put it with your most important documents, we sadly see so many logbooks go missing in house moves, you often have to do all those hours again.
  • Use liquid paper, if you make a mistake simply cross out the line and re-write it on a new line
  • Scribble all over it, try to keep it neat and tidy, write as clear as you can, minimise scribble as this can cause confusion with the Department of Transport trying to add it up at the end, this may lead to the book being returned which is a real pain if you have a test booked
  • Expect Mum and Dad to take care of your book for you, this is your responsibility, it is your licence its time to step up.
  • Forget to get signatures off supervising drivers immediately, as it can be quite time consuming at the end of the process to chase people down for signatures.

The process of gaining your Learners Permit is a major responsibility both in how you conduct yourself on the road and with other road users as well as learning to be responsible for important documentation. Take care of your logbook, as towards the end when you’re keen to book your test the last thing you want is to have the book returned for one of these reasons!