Do you know the Logbook Exemption Process? 

We are asked regularly about what students may be able to do to expedite their logbook process. The first thing we say is the logbook process exists for many important reasons, it ensures that all drivers get enough practice in varied driving situations in order to gain the exposure and experience required to manage the often high risk decisions that they will be forced to make as solo-drivers on our busy Gold Coast roads. We highly encourage Parents and Caregivers to ensure their Learner drivers are supported in every way to gain this varied experience.

In some cases where Learners have moved interstate and/or have no family and friends to support their 100 hours of driving, a stringent process exists with Queensland Transport whereby a Learner can apply for a “logbook exemption”. There is a small cost to this process, and an application form is to be filled in and submitted to Queensland Transport with appropriate documentation to support the application.

There are a couple of very important things to know;

1.You must have medical, employment or remote living situations in order to apply
2.You must be able to substantiate your application with evidence to show your situation; ie. Medical certificates, letters from employers, proof of address, bus timetables or anything else that can support your case.
3.The typical response if your application meets all of these grounds and “if” the Department choose to accept your application, the major stipulation is that you must have held your Learner licence for 2 years.

Given point 3 requires that you hold your Queensland Learners permit for a minimum of 2 years, you really need to consider if it will be quicker for you to complete the hours and look for additional friends and family support to do this, or whether you are nearing this 2 year period anyway. These exemptions are not given out without due process. Consideration on your part must go into the type of circumstances you have and it you feel that they are worthy and fit into this general time frame and specifications that Queensland Transport will consider. The team at Streetwise Driver Training have supported a number of people in special circumstances that have been entitled to go through this process, if you feel this is something you have a case for, please speak to one of our knowledgeable staff to gain further information.