How sure are you that you are teaching your Learner the correct information?

So your little baby has finally come of age and they are pestering you to take them for driving lessons!

We know what it’s like, we all like to save a dollar here and there but we feel strongly that your child’s safety (and other road users) is not one of those areas.

If you are unsure whether you’re the right person to be teaching your child we have put together this little quiz to test your knowledge of the road rules, after all we can’t teach what we don’t know!

    1. Should you hold the steering wheel? *

    2. When reversing in a straight line, your vision should be? *

    3. How long should you stop at a STOP sign? *

    4. When slowing down to a RED light in a MANUAL vehicle *

    5. When performing a Three Point Turn *

    6. When indicating to change lanes the appropriate minimum number of indicator clicks are *

    7. When reversing out of a car space *

    8. When turning right at a roundabout (taking the 3rd exit) *

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