With increasing numbers of carjacking, road rage and car theft along with stalking on the Gold Coast and beyond, it is crucial that we all learn some basic and vital tips for staying safe in and around our vehicles, here are a few:

  1. When returning to your vehicle, take notice of the cars and people around you – be observant!
  2. Walk around your vehicle and look in it before getting in the car.
  3. Be aware of what you advertise on your car, remember the ‘family’ stickers often tell others; if dad’s a golfer, if there’s kids (therefore ipods, laptops etc), small or large dogs that may or may not protect your home!
  4. If you break down, try to hide away from the vehicle whilst waiting for assistance.
  5. If you stop to offer assistance, park further away and ask if they need help, keep a good distance and offer to call Police or Roadside Assist until you know its OK to approach.
  6. If you think that someone may be stalking or following you, make random uturns and drive/walk towards shops or public places where there are many people where possible, neverstop the car.
  7. Keep a safe space between you and the vehicle in front when stopped, be prepared to drive away if someone approaches you whilst stationary.
  8. Stay focused on your driving if you are concerned about any other driving behaviour around you call 000 or attempt to drive to a police or fire station where they are always manned!
  9. NEVER drive home if you are concerned that you are being followed, they may follow you, stay in public areas!
  10. Use your horn to draw attention to you and hopefully away from anyone suspicious.