There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about the Learner driving test becoming harder from the end of June 2015.

Unfortunately, it is true; there is a new test sheet that will be introduced.

Fortunately though, this isn’t an issue for Streetwise students, it is only a concern for people who don’t get a few driving lessons to see how these changes will affect their personal driving habits.

In general the change is to emphasise safer driving habits, rather than manoeuvres, so for example instead of testing on 3-4 manoeuvres, a Learner may only be tested on 2 or 3, allowing a little more time for general driving, the areas that the new testing procedure will focus on the most are;

  1. High speed merging
  2. Right hand turns on dual carriage ways
  3. Speed

Unlike the previous testing procedure that allowed Learners to speed between 1-4 Kms over the speed limit (twice) before failing a test, there is now Zero tolerance for speed!   Also there are very few driving manoeuvres that are lethal, so of course the emphasis must be on how people drive. As Learners will still be tested on any of the manoeuvres, they must know ALL of them, as the selection of manoeuvres will be random, so you need to be good at all of them.

Gold Coast based Streetwise Driving School has been using these testing sheets for the past 3 months to ensure that our high pass rate stays intact. Therefore if you are a current student there will be no surprises at all.

We highly recommend that you do a practice test with your existing instructor, or contact usif you would like to do a practice test to get another opinion.