Safe Driving Behaviours

Written by Andrew Coates

As road safety specialists, Streetwise Driver Training over the past 9 years been privileged to train thousands of Learners at all ages and stages, we have systematically identified the driving skill adoption patterns and driving behaviour trends of Learners, through to open- Solo drivers. This has enabled Streetwise to develop a unique and tailored Traffic Offender “Intervention” half day training program, which teaches safe driving behaviours and acts as a court diversion program. The purpose of this training is to interrupt the complacent driving patterns and addresses the attitudes behind offending driving behaviours.

From the inception of Streetwise Driver Training there has been great demand from Parents to create a solution that addresses the developing bravado of P Platers, once becoming solo drivers. Parents were calling us to seek help in addressing and curbing these over-zealous tendencies, it has now progressed into holistic, innovative and individualised training that re-valuates and re-established core principles of safe driving behaviours through our original competency based half day program.

The most important attribute of any driver is “mindfulness”, sadly this sense of ‘not taking anything for granted’, as we embark on the ‘learning to drive’ process tends to fade quickly, as “competence” can turn into overconfidence, complacency, cockiness, carelessness, and a general over-exaggerated sense of driving ability, as we progress through the graduated licencing process and beyond. Hence the multitude of traffic offenders seen through the Magistrates Courts each year.

We are proud of the consistently successful outcomes of the multitude of offenders who have seen their fines and sentences reduced and suspension periods shortened because they have taken proactive steps to change their driving behaviours and attitudes, by completing our training. What makes the training so engaging is that the attendee is required to complete all aspects of the theory and practical components, along with a written assignment in order to take full responsibility of the learning process; it’s not just about showing up. Most significant are the heart felt experiences that occur through taking responsibility to re-connect with their safer driving selves, which is expressed during the training, this highlights that the Streetwise Driver Training; Traffic Offenders Intervention Program genuinely produces measurable and positive outcomes.

Safe Driving Behaviours Course Details

If you would like more information on either the Traffic Offender Intervention Program, or our tailored P Plater Safe Driving Behaviours training please contact the Team at Streetwise Driver Training on 0417 548 159 or email

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