Sadly there are too many drivers in a rush, running late, not focused, angry and abusive on our roads.  The mood other people are in unfortunately is out of our control, what we can control though is how we react to situations and taking measures to avoid them. Fortunately here on the Gold Coast it isn’t that bad, but it only takes one idiot on the road to ruin that.

Here is some great advice to help you incase you ever find yourself in a sticky situation –

It is important to remain vigilant whilst behind the wheel, use your mirrors to observe what is behind you and how they are driving.

If you spot anyone speeding or driving erratically who is behind or in front of you try and move away from them, change lanes if you can and let them pass. Try to notice where they are looking; are they watching the road? Are they texting whilst driving? Are they swerving in their lane? Are they looking around away from their general direction of driving? These are all signs that they are not paying attention to their immediate responsibility of driving safely.

If you are confronted with road rage by anyone in front or behind you try to keep driving, DO NOT STOP, unless you are required to by signs, signals and markings on the road, or traffic in front of you.   You must stay focused, if you have another passenger in the vehicle with you and you are concerned for your safety get them to call 000 .

Ensure you keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, in case you are required to move away quickly if someone gets out of their car to approach you. Keep you windows rolled up, do not communicate with the attacker.

If you can attempt to get to either a police station, fire/ambulance station or a safe public place so that you are not alone. DO NOT DRIVE HOME, if they follow you they will then know where you live. If you are in a quiet area, will little traffic, people or lighting, continue to sound your vehicle horn to get noticed by someone, who may be able to come to help you.

At Streetwise Driver Training we run Safe Drive Behaviour and Female/Male Safe Driving Courseswhich can assist you in your knowledge of your rights and responsibilities, along with many practical exercises in avoiding road rage and crash avoidance, give our Specialist Gold Coast driver trainers a callfor more information on how we will be able to assist you.