It’s perfectly understandable that 99% of people are nervous on the day of their test. The few that are not, tend to make me (as a driving instructor) a little nervous! I fear they may have missed an important factor or taking something for granted – which should never be the case when driving – on your test day OR any other day!

There are always rumours and blogs about which are the best driving test centres, the better Driving Examiners to ‘hope for’, and often discussions with Students on who are the nicest or most reasonable Assessors.

The truth is they are employed to do a job. As per the QSafe Manual which quotes:

Driving Examiners have an important role in determining whether an applicant possesses the necessary skill and knowledgewww.s to safely use the road system.

The role of the DE in conducting a Q-Safe driving assessment is to:

  • Observethe applicants driving skill and behaviour
  • Assessthe applicants performance according to the criteria detailed in the QSafe Manual (and advise from their driving instructor)
  • Recordthe applicants performance on the Driving Assessment Report form, having regard of assessment that is;
    • Validity
    • Reliability
    • Fairness
  • Informthe applicant about the test result and provide them with feedback on aspects of their driving performance that were related to the test.’

When reflecting on the Examiners job role, it seems quite reasonable to expect this must be their focus.

Therefore as a Learner, as long as you have prepared by completing your hours, have learnt all of your manoeuvres, have completed a practice test with your instructor and you are comfortable parking (as you have to do that both on arrival and return from your test) it would be reasonable to expect that you can focus and do your best.

A couple of really important tips:

  1. Be prepared; know the vehicle, test routes, manoeuvres and driving conditions
  2. Try to get a good night’s sleep, have a snack to help ground you
  3. Have your paperwork filled in and ready to save time
  4. Take your time in the first few minutes of the test getting out of the carpark and focusing on your driving
  5. Use all your STOP and GIVE WAY signs to take a breath, look around and consider your options!