Streetwise receive calls from so many new students who are being frightened away from other driving schools for various but common reasons. Mostly these students discuss the way the instructor makes them feel, their lack of communication skill and road rules knowledge. The discussions with these unhappy students are around their disappointment of how little they feel they have progressed with the number of lessons they have completed.

Here is a benchmark of driving tasks that a Learner with no prior driving skilland no vehicle to practise with should be able to perform, with accredited driving lessons:

Please be aware this is a guide and capabilities will vary for Learners with learning disorders or with anxieties; this is a guide to judge if you’re being taken for a ride:

# LessonsDriving Skill Performance Indicators
1 – 3Seating, mirrors, blind spots and cockpit drill. Steering and indicating Left/right turns, Road position, various speed zones, roundabouts, driveways, hill starts clutch control, stopping and take offs and use of all gears (if manual)


3 -7Parking(forward and reverse) and 3 point turns High speed attempts, merging, lane changing, various speed zones, reversing skills, mirror use Motorway merging on and off, U-turns and reverse Parallel parking
7 – 10Motorway, Night Drive, busy traffic merging, country roads or other important situational driving, Planning a drive to somewhere the Learner would like to go, navigational points, in depth hill starts, busy traffic drives. Overview of all manoeuvres and situational driving

If you do not feel that you are somewhat on track with this guide, you are being robbed of a good, credible and value for money driving lesson!!!

Instructors who spend the first lesson driving for you, so that you only steer, or instructors who sound or speak condescendingly or tell you that you don’t need to learn parking as you don’t get marked on it in the test or the instructors that reverse their students in to the car park to start their driving test (because they never bothered to teach you), or tell you why pay more for driving lessons because their competitors are no different “they’re just cheaper” out of the kindness of their heart…. These are the same instructors that will string you along for 20 lessons, or take one whole lesson to teach a Left hand U-turn, or say there is nothing to learn in night driving, nothing to learn on a mountain drive, or cancel lessons if it’s raining or storms are coming (yes there is driving instructors that have done this, so there robbing their students from valuable wet weather driving techniques and experience), or are happy for you to fail your test (because you’ll pay them again for the next one either way)!!

Your instructor by the 3rdlesson should not be using their peddles(THIS INCLUDES MANUAL)to take control of the vehicle for any reason; but using with youto assist if you get a little flustered, you should be driving in various areas besides your suburb.

By the 5thlesson your instructor should have no contact with their peddles,(THIS INCLUDES MANUAL), except in a rare situation, such as support with manual hill starts. We have had feedback from students about other driving schools that even by the 8th lesson the instructor would tell the student to put their feet flat on the floor while the instructor used clutch and gears and the student steered at roundabouts, used peddles with student for taking off at intersections, this is appalling.

Be aware of the lessons that continually stop and explain at length basic manoeuvres or continually only drive close to your home to save on petrol. We have had feedback about other schools that offer a 2 hour lesson that only consisted of actual 15 min driving, where the instructor controlled the peddles, student did steering and around the block!

Be aware Learners and Loved ones, there are scammers out there extending lessons ..! yes they seem cheap, NOW ! But over time ?

You should instead be able to walk away with a wealth of information, possibly too much to practice, but feel excited as you know how much you have and will achieve. You should have homework or practice set for you by your instructor and encouraged at the appropriate time to drive with family or friends, your family or friends should be invited to join along for your lessons. You should also be given an idea of what you will be covering in your next lesson so that you have time to plan and focus on what you already know, as building blocks to learning.

Mostly you should always step out of the car at the end of your lesson with a sense of fulfillment and excitement that you have achieved some amazing steps in your journey to learning to drive!

If you have any queries about the training you have received feel free to call our helpful team, who can set you on the right path.