We receive calls daily from students and parents wanting to understand the driving test processes and procedures. Here is some vital information to know about how the driving tests work.
The test is for a minimum of 35 minutes, maximum 40 minutes if there is some traffic. There is a requirement to review 2-3 manoeuvres, as the Examiner can select anyone of the following manoeuvres you must be proficient in all of them, as you won’t know what ones they will ask you to do (your knowledge and demonstration is required for both auto or manual);
• Straight reverse exercise
• Three point turn / Turn around manoeuvre
• U-turn on T-intersections (straight, right and left)
• Reverse Parking
• Hill Starts
• Gears (automatic demonstration)
Along with being assessed on a couple of manoeuvres you will also be required to demonstrate safe driving in many of the following driving situations:
• Lane changing
• Marked / unmarked roads
• High speed merging
• Low speed merging
• Roundabouts
• Controlled and uncontrolled stops and give ways
• Multi-lanes
• Cross roads
• High and low speed
• Various speed zones
• Road work / School zones
You need to make sure you have your form “Driver Licence Application/Renewal” to save time when you arrive at the test centre at there is only 10 minutes between your arrival time and the test booking start time. Ensure you have your licence on you; there is nothing worse than turning up to find you left your licence at home!
If you are doing a driving test package with a driving school like us, you will have an hour’s lesson prior to arrival at the test centre. We ensure that you have had time to go through all of your manoeuvres and driving situations on driving test routes. This helps to calm you down, correct any issues and have you focused on the job at hand – safe driving! If you are doing the driving test in your own vehicle, make sure it is roadworthy, check tyres, window washers/wipers, lights and indicator globes are functional and that your windows roll down and up – these are things a driving school ensure are OK prior to picking you up for your lesson.
The lead up to the test is nerve-wracking for everyone; remember we all have to go through this process. The examiners understand that you are going to be a bit nervous; they are not there to “fail” you rather their job is to ensure your ability to drive safe on different roads and in varying road conditions and speed zones. Make sure you drink water, eat something prior to calm the nerves and give yourself plenty of time to be ready – rushing is no good for nerves!
During the test angle the air con vents to blow a little on your face or hands to keep you altert and remember to use all of your give way and Stop signs to take a deep breath and look around and prepare for your next step.
If you want more information or would like to be assess for your readiness for the driving test please call Streetwise. We also do “mock” driving tests to help you prepare!