There are many people that don’t indicate off roundabouts, or if they do they get us more confused that need be.  In Queensland it is a policed law to indicate off roundabouts.

Simply put, there are 2 parts to a roundabout;

  1. Entering the roundabout
  2. Exiting the roundabout

Firstly, on approach to the roundabout you must always indicate your “intention”, left if you are going left, right if you are going right and NO indicator if you are going straight.  BUT…. One you are on the roundabout you must ALWAYS INDICATE LEFT TO SHOW YOU WHERE YOU ARE COMING OFF.  So, as you pass the LAST exit you are “not” taking you must indicate left to show that you are coming off at the next exit.  This is most helpful for the cars that are approaching on your right, as they can then see that it is safe to enter the roundabout.

Think of a roundabout like a ‘round road’, and we always indicate to show where we are turning off the road.  For more information and video tutorials, check out Queensland Transports resources on roundabouts at http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Safety/Queensland-road-rules/Road-rules-refresher/Roundabouts.aspx