I Teach: Automatic Lessons, Manual Lessons (in your own car), Keys2Drive and Test Packages in Gold Coast North

My Experience: 5+ years around the entire Gold Coast and surrounding areas

My Super Power: Danielle’s bright, and bubbly personality can put even the most nervous drivers at ease. Danielle has a lovely caring nature; she is fully invested in every student she teaches. Danielle has many years’ experience in teaching people to drive (and taught both her sons to drive) and has a great reputation around the Gold Coast. She loves a challenge and is determined to bring the best result possible from each of her students.

 Why I love my job: Danielle loves keeping the lessons alive, when anyone has a bad day, she can tell by the end of the lesson, their head is cleared and they are feeling much better. She loves her job! She specialises in teaching teenagers how to drive – not just passing their test but how to watch other people and drivers actions and predict their next move.

   When I'm Not Working: Danielle is a Mum with 3 kids. She loves her dogs, Camping, 4WD'ing, Photography and Tik Tok. She has over 200 pairs of funky earrings and matching t-shirts!     

   Qualification: Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor, Blue Card

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