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Free Driving Lessons Gold Coast Driving School Keys2Drive

What Happens in the Free Lesson?

1 hour lesson with our Driving Instructor, Parent or Supervisor and your Teen.

  • 1/2 hour driving theory
  • 1/2 hour practical driving lesson

Ideal time for the free lesson is after you have done 5-10 hours of practice but it can be done at any time during your L’s.

A revolutionary approach by the Australian Government to learning road safety with the parent and teen together.

It is not intended to replace a normal driving lesson, rather it should complement them by empowering learner drivers to become safer drivers.

Parents will come away with tools to help their learner drivers achieve a good foundation for lifelong safe driving and help them teach their teen to drive in between lessons to match the instructors approach.

Every teen and parent should take advantage of this amazing free opportunity! 

Streetwise Driver Training are the longest serving accredited Keys2Drive Driving School on the Gold Coast!

The keys2drive approach is designed to provide a learning experience that is practical, more thorough and more attuned to the reality of driving on our busy roads. This lesson is beneficial for any learner driver and this driving lesson must include both the student and parent. There is NO OBLIGATION to continue lessons beyond this keys2drive driving lesson. This lesson can be used at any point in the logbook process, but highly recommended earlier if possible. 

All Keys2Drive driving lessons: 

  • Are eligible for ALL learner drivers with an Australian licence. 
  • Are 1 hour duration. 
  • 100% FREE! There is NO obligation to re-book further lessons. 
  • Must include a fully licensed supervising driver (this being a parent, guardian or even a friend – anyone with a current open licence). 
  • Is valid with a keys2drive Free Lesson ID code provided to the Instructor PRIOR to the driving lesson. 
  • Recommended highly – both beneficial for both the learner drivers and their usual driving supervisor. 
  • One FREE lesson per student. 
  • Subject to our 24hr cancellation and rescheduling policy.
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