Instructors at Streetwise Driver Training

Driving School Instructor Dan


I Teach: Automatic Lessons in Gold Coast North

 My Experience: Dan has worked for 2 years at Streetwise and has taught over 2000 driving lessons!

 My Super Power: Dan specialises in safe driving practices, test preparation, confidence boosting and motivation. He enjoys meeting new people and helping international students get their Australian licence as he is originally from the UK. Dan is able to bring the best out of every student by focusing on positives and effectively changing bad habits into good habits. He also holds a Heavy Vehicle drivers license so can understand what nearly all other road users are thinking and identify potential hazards to be aware of. He is qualified in a number of safety disciplines.

 Why I love my job: Dan has trained many students in a variety of subjects around the world, his passion to pass on knowledge is well documented and evident in the results his students receive. He likes sharing student’s success when passing their driving test and helping them achieve their driving goals. His main aim is to instill the importance of getting home in the same state you left, be aware of what other drivers are doing at all times and avoiding dangerous situations.

 In a previous life: Dan has over 30 years recreational driving experience in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He worked throughout the GCC States as a Sales Manager in the FMCG sector, then moved to Asia and worked in Professional Services and Sales Training. A lifestyle change prompted him to relocate to England and retrain as a Chef which eventually led him to Australia.

 When I’m Not Working: Dan is still passionate about food and travel. He taught both his daughters how to drive with first time passes and enjoyed it so much he became an instructor. He enjoys cooking, mountain biking, backgammon, scuba diving and Japanese Jitsu.

 Qualification: Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Blue Card

Driving School Instructor Giuseppe


I Teach: Automatic & Manual Lessons in Gold Coast North

Guiseppe was an amazing Pizza chef in Italy before moving to Australia!.

He has had extensive driving experience on the Gold Coast with Uber for 3 years and was inspired to become a driving Instructor after watching one of Streetwise's Instructors, Danielle, give lessons to his wife! He has instructed for over a year now and has a very comfortable and likeable personality that teenagers relate to. 

Guiseppe is reliable and professional and has a high pass success rate.

He lives on the Gold Coast with his wife and 2 young children and is available for lessons during school hours and on Saturdays.

 Qualification: Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Blue Card

Driving School Instructor Phil


I Teach: Automatic and Manual, Keys2drive, Gold Coast Central and South on Thursdays and Fridays.

 My Experience: Three and a half years teaching students from 16 to 80 years old.

 My Super Power: Phil specialises in teaching all ages with special needs, high anxiety and those looking for work who need a licence. Phil is passionate about teaching students to drive and they appreciate his gentle and patient nature. Phil's life's experiences of people and places enable him to pass on many life experiences to his students. Phil's calm and unnerving nature ensures every student is treated with respect and kindness during what can be a highly anxious and nervous milestone.

 Why I love my job: Phil enjoys teaching all ages to drive and calming the nerves prior to a test. He enjoys making the manoeuvres easier with his step by step plans which he says are sure to make you confident. "I didn't know reverse parking was so EASY" is what he hears a lot.

 In a previous life: Phil has enjoyed driving all kinds of vehicles in the UK, Europe, Northern America, Colombia and even a school bus in Zambia and Botswana! He started off in publishing, was Art Director on The Australian Women's Weekly having worked with 16 different editors before becoming Creative Director of the company within the group. He then freelanced designing cricket books for Ritchie Benaud and other titles including The Institute of Company Directors. He retired for a while but was drawn to teaching people to drive.

 When I'm not working: Phil enjoys spending time with his four adult kids and 10 grandkids, wildlife photography, renovating, art galleries, swimming and cycling.

Qualification: Queensland Accredited Driver Training, Keys2drive, Blue Card Approved.

Driving School Instructor Gary


I Teach: Auto & Keys2Drive on the Gold Coast

My Super Power: Gary has a calm and patient manner that eases anxiety for nervous drivers. He has a friendly, trustworthy and professional teaching style in every lesson he delivers.

 Why I love my job: Gary enjoys working with youth at risk and seeing the joy when they pass their test. He also specialises in medical driving assessments for elderly drivers and is passionate about instructing learners in skillful and safe driving practices.

 In a Previous Life:  Gary is a retired Policeman and has a wealth of life experiences from his career to share with his students on road safety.

 When I’m Not Working: I enjoy spending time with my adult children and grandchildren, property management, exercising daily and catching up with retired policeman twice a week for a walk and coffee.

 Qualification: Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor, Blue Card

Driving School Instructor Danielle


I Teach: Automatic Lessons, Manual Lessons (in your own car), Keys2Drive and Test Packages in Gold Coast North

My Experience: 5+ years around the entire Gold Coast and surrounding areas

My Super Power: Danielle’s bright, and bubbly personality can put even the most nervous drivers at ease. Danielle has a lovely caring nature; she is fully invested in every student she teaches. Danielle has many years’ experience in teaching people to drive (and taught both her sons to drive) and has a great reputation around the Gold Coast. She loves a challenge and is determined to bring the best result possible from each of her students.

 Why I love my job: Danielle loves keeping the lessons alive, when anyone has a bad day, she can tell by the end of the lesson, their head is cleared and they are feeling much better. She loves her job! She specialises in teaching teenagers how to drive – not just passing their test but how to watch other people and drivers actions and predict their next move.

   When I'm Not Working: Danielle is a Mum with 3 kids. She loves her dogs, Camping, 4WD'ing, Photography and Tik Tok. She has over 200 pairs of funky earrings and matching t-shirts!     

   Qualification: Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor, Blue Card

Driving School Instructor Greg


I Teach: Automatic and Manual, Gold Coast North and South

 My Experience: Greg has close to 40 years’ experience in driving across a wide variety of different vehicles. After a serious car accident 3 years ago resulting in chronic back pain and no longer being able to continue his job as a panel beater, Greg decided to use this experience and become a driving instructor to teach safe driving practices and prevent accidents amongst P Platers. He is passionate in teaching young men to drive safely for life, especially after his own son also experienced a serious accident. 

My Super Power: Greg instructs in a calm and friendly manner with a focus on enjoying the driving experience while prioritising safe driving habits for all his students. Greg understands that learning to drive can be an anxious experience for a lot of people and always ensures his students can learn in a relaxed and positive environment.

 Why I love my job: Greg enjoys everything about being a driving instructor and can teach anybody, no matter what age or difficulties they may have. Greg is passionate about guiding learner drivers to become safe and confident road users.

Qualification: Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Blue Card

Driving School Instructor Adam


I Teach: Automatic and Manual, Gold Coast North and South

 My Experience: Adam has an extensive background in training and driving and has many years’ experience in a variety of industries. Adam started with Streetwise Driver Training in 2020. He has taught thousands of students on the Gold Coast to drive as an Instructor. He is well known for his ability to adapt each lesson to students' needs and wants. 

My Super Power: Adam has a caring and understanding nature that provides the perfect environment for learning to drive. He dedicates his time to every one of his students and has a very high pass rate for tests. He enjoys teaching students from all backgrounds, any orientation, religion, learning ability and all ages. He is open  understanding and easy to talk to and he’s a pretty funny guy, well we think so anyway! You may hear some pretty good Dad Jokes from Our Adam. lol 

 Why I love my job: Adam enjoys all parts of his job. He teaches under the philosophy of journeying with each of his students. He enjoys taking on students with various levels of experience and helping them to gain their freedom and independence by achieving one of the most important milestones in their lives; obtaining their drivers licence. He loves seeing his Students go from Zero to Hero. Adam loves watching his students grow as a person and a Learner into Safe Solo Drivers, knowing he has helped them on their way, is what is so rewarding to him. 

In a previous life:  Adam has a strong hospitality, retail and sales background, which has helped with his knowledge of Australian road rules as he spent a lot of time on the road. He was fortunate to be able to travel and live across many locations in Australia before choosing this adventure and settling in to become a Driving Instructor on the Gold Coast.  

When Adam is Not Working: Adam enjoys spending time with his daughter. He enjoys  (watching) most sports, travelling and exploring to different parts of Australia, camping, cooking, and trivia nights 


Qualification: Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Blue Card

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