How do you begin learning to drive today?

Simply, purchase some driving lessons below and then book them in with an Instructor at a suitable time using your online account.

Save by Purchasing Lesson Packs

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3 Lesson Pack

3 x 1 hour private driving lessons, Auto or Manual

5 Lesson Pack

5 x 1 hour private driving lessons, Auto or Manual

7 Lesson Pack

7 x 1 hour private driving lessons, Auto or Manual

The #STREETWISE Approach

From the administrative experience with Streetwise right through to the learning experience with our instructors, we understand fully that your story is unique and we want to share that journey with you. Contact us to discuss any specific needs you may have.

Proven instruction for kinaesthetic, visual, & processing needs

An out of the box approach toward individual education.

A unique lesson plan development process for every student.

An acclaimed process towards first time pass rates.

Special Needs Driving Lessons

We know the challenging journey of navigating appropriate experience and reliable resources for your child. It can be a challenging path to find the right support people for the specific needs and desired outcome for your personal growth in any area of life. We can take the anxiety out of this process when it comes to learning to drive! Our lessons aim to build trust to maximise our students learning outcomes and creating long term relationships, producing safe, aware, competent and courteous drivers.

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Most teenagers require a 10 pack to be test ready.   For Automatic drivers we recommend 5 one hour lessons at the beginning to learn the basics, road rules and develop good driving habits. Followed by a free Keys 2 Drive lesson with your parent to show your progress and focus on road safety. This gives you 15 hours on your logbook. Then practice driving with your parent and get at least 70 logbook hours. A month before your test, use the other 5 lessons to book in 2 x 2 hour lessons to practice manoeuvres and 1 x 1 hour mock test lesson to be test ready. This will give you another 15 logbook hours.   For manual drivers, it is easier to learn in an automatic car at the beginning for the basics and road rules. We recommend booking in a 5 lesson pack followed by a free Keys2Drive Road Safety lesson with your parent. When ready to learn manual, book in a 10 pack, split into 5 x 2 hour lessons with our instructor. Manual lessons are best in the 2 hour time slots as it takes the first hour to really get a feel for the gear change and get into a rhythm and practice.   Book your 2.5 hour test package with us to use our car and have a warm up lesson before the test to get the best pass outcome.   Some Learners will require more or less lessons based on their experiences, abilities and anxiety. Everyone is different. Your driving instructor will be able to recommend how many you need.

Good news! We checked and no one has put an age limit on learning to drive - or learning anything for that matter. Our students come in all shapes, sizes, colors, creed, background, & experience. Every student has different fundamental requirements, but the approach is the same. Learn the student, teach the student.

You are here, looking at options - so fear does not control you. Step one, complete. Step two is understanding why you are afraid, and handling each of those things as they come in a supportive and safe environment. We have all been there, and we will help build your confidence, once step at a time.  

There are many great driving schools in the area - some say they are the best driving school, some say they are the cheapest, some even say they "guarantee" you'll pass - we simply say, "we are your driving school." Specific lessons, specific programs, specific offerings - all built around teaching you to drive.

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