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No. Students may use driving school cars if they have purchased a test package or their own/parent’s roadworthy vehicles. Examiners at TMR conduct a check of the car before every test. We do not hire the cars just for the tests.

The exam result is a sheet of paper that tells the student their result. It is not the driver licence. The student must go into TMR and apply for their driver licence and have their photo taken in order to get their licence. They will be issued with a letter to carry until the driver licence arrives in the post. They can drive with the letter, as long as they have it with them in the car. For Saturday tests at Southport, the student will be provided only with the exam results. They have to come back on a weekday during business hours to apply for their licence. They are still under the same rules as a Learner drive until this is done.

It is advisable to wait 12 business days. When we book a test, we will work backwards 12 business days from the date that the log book is being submitted.

Over 25's don't need to do a logbook and don't need to apply for an exemption.

Yes, every learner has to do the Hazard Perception test online through TMR using their login before their driving test. It costs around $37.70 but is subject to increases by TMR, please refer to their website for pricing. You can do as many practice tests as you wish and you can also do the test as many times as it takes to get it right. Feedback from students is that it’s pretty easy to do. It’s a one-off fee provided it’s taken and passed within 12 months of registering and paying.  To view details about the test click here.

Yes you can. However, if you sit your practical driving test and fail, you are then considered unlicenced and you must apply for a Qld learners licence before you are able to take lessons or drive again. You can attempt your test again, but that is the only reason that you can drive without getting your Qld Learners. For further information click here.

Yes. If you are on your interstate learner’s licence then you need to check with the state that your interstate learner’s licence is from about your log book hours and the requirements for that state and what the rules are about sitting the test in that state after doing hours in Qld. For further information click here.

Yes, however, generally the person must sit behind the driver and not speak or be distracting to the student. Please let the driver know beforehand. Keys2Drive is different as the parent/friend with an open licence must accompany the student for this lesson.

Yes. A lesson will be stopped if it is too dangerous to drive, however, it is important for lessons to continue in wet weather so that students can learn how to drive to conditions.

Yes, provided the student has enough experience to drive without dual controls. The car must be roadworthy, registered etc. The WAIVER of LIABILITY must be provided and signed before this can occur. This does not apply to Keys2drive lessons.

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